We are in need of dry cat food and clumping cat litter for our Feral Cat Program.


Our Programs

Farmer's Market


Farm Gals runs a seasonal, organic vegetable market from November to May.  Vegetables are grown on our farm and available for purchase.  All proceeds go to support Farm Gals' programs. 

Market dates and times will be provided at the start of the new season.

Feeding Animals


Farm Gals needs 20 pallets, or 20,000-30,000 pounds of dog/cat/livestock food and supplies, weekly to support our non-profit rescue partners.  

 We currently provide food for over 5,000 animals weekly and service 24 rescues throughout Brazoria, Galveston, Montgomery and Harris counties.

Please consider purchasing an extra bag of pet food or some toys the next time you are at the store and donating it to Farm Gals.  

If you're a 501(c)(3) animal rescue nonprofit in our service counties, and would like to receive pet food for your organization, let us know! 

Recycling Projects



Everything we pick up is recycled. Edible food salvage is provided to livestock rescues, pet products are provided to animal rescues, pallets are turned into animal shelter and given to anyone in need, plastic is provided to day cares for craft projects or recycled, cardboard is broken down and given to the library, and anything not edible is turned into compost to help us grow organic vegetables to sell at our Farmer's Market.  Farm Gals turns food waste into zero footprint!    

Join the fun! We always have recycling projects going on!  

Our Programs

Community Garden



Classes For Everyone

Urban & RURAL Farming

Gardening – All Levels, All Ages
· Composting/Soils
· Seed Starting
· 12 Month Garden Planning & Rotation
· Planting Veggie & Herb Gardens
· Introduction to Fruit Trees, Berries & Grapes

Animal Husbandry

Backyard & Small Scale Livestock Care
· Chicken, Goose, Guinea & Turkey Basics
· Raising Meat Poultry
· Incubating Eggs
· Livestock & Dog Training
· Goat Basics

Farm to Table

Food Preservation & Preparation 
· Fermenting/Canning
· Dehydrating/Freezing
· Freeze Drying
· From Scratch Cooking
· Cooking With Herbs
· Old School & Gluten Free Baking
· Wine & Mead Making
· Making Dairy Products at Home

Community Food Pantry



Everyone needs help from time to time.  Farm Gals aims to help everyone in need, without shame, asking why or passing judgment.  We are all connected to each other in some way.  Farm Gals believes that all people, regardless of their income level, social status, or education deserve respectful assistance if they have fallen on hard times. 

  Our Community Food Pantry provides a helping hand, by solving immediate hunger needs through weekly free food distribution for people and pets at our new food pantry. 

Some pantry items are income restricted.  

All products are quantity restricted.   

Take what you need.  Give what you can.

Animal Ministry & Feral Cat Program


Animal Ministry

Farm Gals' Director, Jodi Woodsmith, is an ordained Christian Minister offering guidance and assistance with animal end-of-life decisions, pet bereavement fellowship, pet veterinary transport, animal disaster relief and animal rescue support services.

Our love for animals is our strength. 

Feral Cat Program:

We believe all life is sacred.  Kitties on animal shelter euthanasia lists are usually those deemed "unadoptable" due to "wild" or "feral" behavior.  Farm Gals' Cat Program offers healthy, spayed/neutered, vaccinated feral kitties a second chance by giving them a home, a job on farms, and the chance to live a beautiful life.  

Contact us if you or someone you know needs help.

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