We are in need of dry cat food and clumping cat litter for our Feral Cat Program.

Making a Difference in Brazoria, Harris, Galveston and Montgomery Counties!

Making a Difference in Brazoria, Harris, Galveston and Montgomery Counties!Making a Difference in Brazoria, Harris, Galveston and Montgomery Counties!Making a Difference in Brazoria, Harris, Galveston and Montgomery Counties!

Farm Gals Are Anything But Lazy!

December 2019 Statistics:

719 families provided with food

3,159 individuals provided with food

During December, Farm Gals hosted numerous events, including Presents from SantaPaws, our annual pet food and supplies drive. 

November 2019 Statistics:

323 families provided with food

1,293 individuals provided with food

The pantry was open for just two weeks in November due to the holidays. Wow, look at all those people helped in JUST TWO WEEKS!

Yay Farm Gals!

Desperately Seeking Dry Cat Food

Would you like to help reduce the feral cat population and help save homeless kitties from being euthanized at local animal shelters?  Farm Gals’ Feral Cat Program  gives kitties a home, a job, and a purpose by helping place them in feed stores, on farms and on ranches, where they become barn cats. Barn cats control rodent problems the natural way. Your generosity and support is critical to our program by providing supplemental food to our barn cats. Please give today.

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Monthly Calendar & Our Mission


Our Team

About the Farm Gals

About the Farm Gals

Our awesome team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others.  Farm Gals takes our visions and turns them into reality, engaging others and our community along the way. Think you would be a good fit? Contact us today for more information!  We need you!

Are you a non-profit that would like to partner with us?  We love to join talents with other like-minded organizations.  Together we can accomplish so  much more than we can alone! Let's get involved.

Our Partners:

Houston Food Bank

Alvin HOPE

Antiquing Brazoria

Action S, Inc. of Brazoria

Habitat for Humanity Webster Restore

Alvin YMCA 

Believer's Sanctuary

Alvin Care Pharmacy

Photos by Michele Lee Walling

Angel Cakes

Quilting by Darla

Island Driving School

Penny Accents

Advanced Skincare & Massage

Sassy Southern Bling

First Presbyterian Church

The Chosen Generation


About the Farm Gals

About the Farm Gals

About the Farm Gals


 Farm Gals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Brazoria, Harris, Montgomery and Galveston counties.   Established just before Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we are a fun and lively group who truly loves what we do.  And no, you don't have to be a Gal to be a Farm Gal!  We have lots of Farm Guys, too!

Our motto:

Do you remember a sense of community, where everyone helped everyone else, shop-keepers greeted you by name and restaurant dining was a special treat, not a daily event?  

A time before the mega-corporations, big box stores, cheap imports, electronic gadgets and the internet chipped away at small town living?

We miss that and we want it back.

Interaction without electronics! 


Our Mission

About the Farm Gals

Our Mission

At Farm Gals, feeding people and animals, teaching sustainable living, farming, recycling, and supporting animal rescues are our passion. 

Our mission is providing free nutritious food for people, pets, livestock and animal rescue organizations through our food pantry.   

On the farm, we teach the lost skills of sustainable food production. Whether it’s a home garden or a farm-to-table school project, we teach everything from soil management to seed starting, all the way to harvest, cooking and long term food storage.  We compost food waste from food banks and retail stores to continually feed our compost pile.  Nothing is wasted on the farm. Everything is composted for healthy soil.

On the creative side, recycling is one of our favorite activities.  Farm Gals turns hubcaps and tires into garden art, plastic containers into bird feeders, feathers into earrings, pallets into animal housing and stalls, flowers into potpourri and old popscicle sticks into bird toys.  Our amazing volunteers enjoy the challenges involved in turning ugly trash into beautiful treasures.

Help Our Cause

Updated January 2020:

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If everyone reading this donated just $1.00, we could support our programs.  If you can't donate money, please consider picking up a few pet items, like food or toys, to help our animal programs.

If you have gently used items, we take all donations.  Please see the list below for our current needs:  


Our Farm Wish List:

 - Small Tractor with Loader (30-40hp)

 - Plastic Mulcher Implement with Drip Laying Capability

 - square Hay Baler for small tractor (30-40 hp)

 - $7,500 for vegetable seeds, fertilizer, garden hoses, rent, utilities for Spring garden.  

· Building Materials for Animal Housing:

 - 60 each 2x4x8

 -100 each 2x10 corrugated metal roofing panels, nails, wiggle    board

 - 2.5” sheetrock screws

· Horse, Goat, Chicken, Turkey Feed 

· Fruit Trees, Berry Plants, Seeds 

 · Bumper Pull Stock Trailer

· Forklift

· Pallet Jacks

Our Pantry Wish List: 

- Texas Flag 

- American Flag

- 55 Gallon Trash Bags

- 12 Professional Hanging Temperature Gauges for Refrigeration

- 50 Volunteer Tshirts with logo

- $700 for electrical to expand freezer and refrigerator capacity

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